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Dear SR Traders,

Yes, we have Good News for you!
Your Super Rally (SR) screener in Shareinvestor Station NOW comes with weekly reports for Swing trading.
This screener identify swing setups based on
weekly bars and the reports are updated on Friday after market close.

SR Swing is a versatile trading technique that enable you to trade in different timeframes. We have been receiving requests from subscribers
to include a weekly screener to enable them to trade on a longer time frame. It is especially useful for traders who prefer to view the market
from a more detached fashion and not having to view the price development too frequently. Trading on weekly chart also enable you to trade
slightly lower liquidity stocks (less than 1M shares traded daily) and as well stocks with more sluggish price action, eg Reits.

With the weekly setups, trade should be taken on intra-week breakout.

As an example, appended below is a "Swing: Weekly Long" report on 29 Dec (Fri). Hi-P has a Big Dipper setup with a Alert Price (2bCBH) at 1.95.

Swing Long - weekly report as at 29 Dec 2017 (Fri)
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Stock broke out on 3 Jan (Wed). We placed our stop loss 1 tick below the Swing low of 1.580.
Trade will manage in similar fashion except it is now on weekly timeframe.

HI-P (Weekly)
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Check out the reports today and have fun!

I hope the new screener will further enhance your trading and provide you with greater trading / investment opportunities.

Happy Trading and best wishes,