Dear SR Traders

We wish to inform that we have ceased partnership with Neuronetsys for the reselling / distribuiton of End-of-Day data with immediate effect.

Existing subscribers will continue to use the data till their respective expiry date.

We have tied with several vendors to offer you better options with greater values. There will be announced at a later date.

Meanwhile, for those whose account is due for renewal, we are offering Reuters Datalink EOD data at attractive rate of $240 / year for the ENTIRE Asia Pacific markets and World Indices. Yes, you will have access to SGX, KLSE, HKSE, ASX… and many more, ALL for one fixed price of $240/ year.

If you need any assistance in this matter, please contact us on:

Singapore - 6453 0308
Malaysia - +603 90586773
Indonesia -+62 21 5713906

We wish you happy trading.